Hva er kunnskapsgrunnlaget for behandling med eller uten bruk av psykofarmaka?

Fagkonferansen ble holdt på Litteraturhuset den 8. februar kl. 17-21. Link til livestream her


The instruction from Ministry of Health and Care Services regarding establishing treatments without the use of medicine in the Mental Health Services in all health regions in Norway
Håkan Rian Ueland 
Psychiatric wards without medication: Why is it a bad idea?
Jan Ivar Røssberg
Rethinking Antipsychotics: Recovery Rates and Long-term Outcomes for Unmedicated Patients with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Robert Whitaker
Open dialogue with families increase resources for avoiding unnecessary medication and improve the outcome in psychotic crises
Jaakko Seikkula
Panel debate

Konferansen holdes på engelsk

Håkan Rian Ueland represents Fellesaksjonen for medisinfrie behandlingsforløp. He is the leader of We Shall Overcome (WSO) and a child welfare worker.
Jan Ivar Røssberg work as professor in psychiatry at the University of Oslo. He has the last 20 years been interested in research concerning psychosocial interventions for patients with severe mental disorders.
Robert Whitaker is a journalist and author. He has won numerous awards covering medicine and science. «Anatomy of an Epidemic» won the 2010 Investigative Reporters and Editors book award for best investigative journalism.
Jaakko Seikkula is professor in psychotherapy, University of Jyväskylä. He has done research on the most sever mental health problems. A main part of his research has focused on outcomes and dialogical processes in treatment of psychosis in Open Dialogue practice.

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Konferansen arrangeres av Stiftelsen Humania og Fellesaksjonen for medisinfrie behandlingsforløp*
*Fellesaksjonen består av Mental Helse, Hvite Ørn, Landsforeningen for Pårørende innen Psykisk helse, Aurora og We Shall Overcome – WSO.